Arianne’s Story

Neuropathic Pain

After receiving orthopedic surgery for her hip, 17-year-old Arianne developed neuropathic pain. She was constantly dealing with debilitating pain from her hip to her knee that felt like pins and needles with a burning, raw sensation. As an air cadet, she has had to sit out of the march in uniform at an annual ceremonial review for the past four years, all due to her pain. As conditions were so severe that she could not attend a normal school environment, she went to see Dr. Donaldson for help. At a clinic focused on rehabilitation, positivity, and healing the root of one’s issues, Arianne went through her treatment journal supported by a staff that refused to give up on her. The treatment did not fully cure her chronic issue, but she learned to manage and tune out her pain, greatly increasing her quality of life. Arianne claims the biggest turning point was when her pain was reduced to the point where she could finally go to school and continue in her life's passion of Air Cadets.