Jack’s Story

Misdiagnosed ADHD

Jack was a 19-year-old student who had been suffering depression, anxiety, signs of ADHD, a slow working memory, and poor mental processing for a year and a half. Regardless of his psychiatrist and psychologist cycling him through a variety of antidepressants, his condition was getting worse. He even was forced to take a year and a half off school to focus on his health. Jack’s issues had progressed from the age of 12, when he suffered a concussion without being aware of it. It caused him to go through about five years of school without reading. Once he entered Dr. Donaldson’s clinic for biofeedback treatment after the suggestion of a family friend, his life was changed. After spending years being unable to get out of bed, Jack became an engaging, happy, motivated individual, receiving excellent grades and pursuing university. His treatment addressed the cause of his various symptoms, his lingering concussion, and transformed his life.