Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG)
This device passively maps the electrical activity in the brain through non-invasive, painless electrodes placed on the client’s head. It then compares the derived data to an extensive database to determine the hyper- and hypoactivity within different brain regions. This illustrates the functionality of different highly specialized areas on the brain and the quality of connections between them all.
Mayo clinic defines biofeedback as learned techniques to control the body's functions (e.g. heart rate, brainwaves). With this, electrical sensors help to received information (feedback) about one's body (bio). Biofeedback has been documented as a successful treatment modality for concussions. Quantitative EEG's, as described above, are successful diagnostic tools to determine the presence of concussions.
EEG Neurofeedback
A form of biofeedback where surface electrodes are placed on the scalp to measure and provide information at specific sites in the brain. The microscopic electrical signals simulate blood flow in the brain to help the brain heal itself. When used in conjunction with other forms of behavioural therapy, the healing process is optimized using objective technologies.

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